Andrea Rea

Andrea Rea

President of the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles

Full professor in sociology at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Andrea Rea founded and is a member of the research centre Group for studies on Ethnic Relations, Migrations and Equality (GERME). His research focuses on migration studies, in Brussels and Belgium. He also works together with the Universities of Geneva and Montreal. Since 2018, he is the President of the Press.

Emilie Menz

Émilie Menz

Publishing Director at the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles

Emilie Menz holds a Master's degree in Romance languages and literature, and has been working in academic publishing for over 13 years. After managing the Belgian branch of an international publishing group , Emilie joined the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles in 2018.  As its publishing director, she is responsible for the acquisition of new projects, portfolio development, and the overall expansion of the Press.


Betty Prévost-Houlteau

Administration and Production Officer of the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles

Betty Prévost-Houlteau has been working at the Press for over 35 years. She is in charge of preparing the manucripts (lay-out, printing, etc.). She also ensures the overall administrative tasks at the Press as well as the logistics.  


Émilie Tassart

Accountant Support 

Émilie Tassart is reponsible for the accounts at the Press and liases with the central financial department of the University.  She also works at the Infrastructure unit within the Department of Libraries and Scientific Information.


Arnaud Chabrol

Paper and digital publishing officer

Arnaud Chabrol joined Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles (ÉUB) in 2023. As a freelance editor, he has managed several scientific and academic publishing projects over the past ten years. In his capacity of paper and digital publishing officer at ÉUB, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the company's overall digital policy.


Zoé Parmentier

Administrative and editorial assistant

Zoé Parmentier joined the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles (ÉUB) in 2024. With a background in communications, she also has considerable experience in book publishing, both print and digital. She oversees administration and assists with the production and distribution of new works.